Too Risky for Nerve

In an interview with MTV, Nerve directors, Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost, talk about the dare that was too risky for the final cut!

Joost: There was a sex dare, which I think if you’ve spent time on the internet, particularly the darker regions of the internet, then things tend to head in that direction.

Schulman: Always.

Joost: So it seemed to us that the game would probably push in that direction given enough time, but it was ultimately just too dark and weird.

Schulman: It may have pushed it to an R rating.

Joost: It was just too weird for a PG-13 movie.

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Cash and Glory

The Nerve Twitter account, @PlayNerve, most recently posted the following:

Nerve Movie Tweet on Cash and Glory
“#Nerve is the easiest way for #Players to win cash and glory. You in? In theaters July 27.”

In the movie, Nerve, Vee, played by Emma Roberts, and Ian, played by Dave Franco, play Nerve for fame and money. However, as they continue to play the game, watchers steal their identities and force them to go on dares in order to keep their money.

We wanted to play something that was just as fun, without the danger. In our search, we found an app called Double Dog. You can play for real money and fame, but there’s a system in place to make sure that it remains safe to play. Find out for yourself by downloading it here.