Still Want to Play NERVE?

With the NERVE movie coming out on July 27th, 2016, we’ve been looking for a way to complete real dares for cash and glory. We stumbled upon this YouTube review of an app called Double Dog where you can send dares to friends or strangers through their roulette system.

Check out YouTuber d00ditsjeremy’s review of the app here!

How Much Is Too Much?

According to this NERVE movie website, you can actually play a game of NERVE through the Double Dog app!

We looked into it and it does seem to be the app that is the most aligned to the movie. You can send and receive real dares for money or points (called bones).

Looking into the app, we found out that someone actually completed a dare and got $2,000! You can read more about the dare on Buzzfeed.

Our question is – how much is too much? Would you be willing to do a dare for $2,000? Would it depend on the dare?