How to Play Nerve and Earn Money (or Points)

Hey Peeps! Got to share two great news with you.

The first one is that Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman of Paranormal Activity and Catfish fame are ready to dish out another thriller. Excited?

Called Nerve, this upcoming American thriller flick, which will hit the theaters on the 27th of July stars Emma Roberts and Dave Franco in the lead roles and is based on the popular game of Truth or Dare, minus the truth.

Second good news is that just like the stars in the movie, you can also Play Nerve; yes, you can play the game of Truth or Dare (without the truth) online with friends and also with the friends of your friends.

While in the movie, the plot takes a sinister turn where the key players (Franco and Roberts) get trapped within the game and are compelled to act according to the manipulations of the ‘watchers’.

Well, if YOU play Nerve, there will not be any sinister and manipulative watchers to watch out for, but there will definitely be cash rewards or brownie points that can be earned with every dare you complete.

The real life game of Truth or Dare which can be played online is app-based. The app can be downloaded from app-stores like Play Store or ITunes.

Once you have the app, you can start off with the fun part and play Nerve.

You will dare a friend through the app, your friend will accept the dare and perform the task they have been assigned.


After completion of the dare, a video (or photo) of the dare being performed by the person will be shared on social media.

The same friend will pass on the dare to another friend who will perform, film and upload the video of the dare.

This cycle will continue as long as possible and it is quite likely for the funny, embarrassing or dangerous dare you had assigned your friend to come back to you.

Players can win real cash or points which can be redeemed for cool t-shirts and other goodies.

Be a part of this cool trend by downloading the Truth or Dare app on your phone to play Nerve.