How Much Is Too Much?

According to this NERVE movie website, you can actually play a game of NERVE through the Double Dog app!

We looked into it and it does seem to be the app that is the most aligned to the movie. You can send and receive real dares for money or points (called bones).

Looking into the app, we found out that someone actually completed a dare and got $2,000! You can read more about the dare on Buzzfeed.

Our question is – how much is too much? Would you be willing to do a dare for $2,000? Would it depend on the dare?

NERVE Soundtrack

The NERVE movie has an amazing soundtrack of upbeat electronic dance music. The full list is featured on Spotify, but we have dug up YouTube links for you as well! We Double Dog dare you to listen to it.

Kamikaze by MØ9

Can’t Get Enough by Basenji

Soap by Melanie Martinez

Darken the Door by Crystal Stilts

Electric Love by BØRNS

Ride ft. Icona Pop by Lowell

Hurricane – Arty Remix by Halsey

Bender by Bro Safari

Bassically by Tei Shi

Down Low by Alex Winston

Forget It by Blood Orange

Lucky I Got What I Want by Jungle

Crime Cutz by Holy Ghost!

Get Down by Jess Kent

I Don’t Dream by Sweetmates

You Got It by Roy Orbison

C.R.E.A.M. by Wu-Tang Clan

Gimme One More Chance by Diplomats of Solid Sound

Since I Don’t Have You by The Skyliners

Deep Down Low by Valentino Khan

Hello Hero by Juliette Lewis

A Little More by MGK

Somewhere to Run by Krewella

Too Risky for Nerve

In an interview with MTV, Nerve directors, Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost, talk about the dare that was too risky for the final cut!

Joost: There was a sex dare, which I think if you’ve spent time on the internet, particularly the darker regions of the internet, then things tend to head in that direction.

Schulman: Always.

Joost: So it seemed to us that the game would probably push in that direction given enough time, but it was ultimately just too dark and weird.

Schulman: It may have pushed it to an R rating.

Joost: It was just too weird for a PG-13 movie.

Click here to read the rest of the interview.

Cash and Glory

The Nerve Twitter account, @PlayNerve, most recently posted the following:

Nerve Movie Tweet on Cash and Glory
“#Nerve is the easiest way for #Players to win cash and glory. You in? In theaters July 27.”

In the movie, Nerve, Vee, played by Emma Roberts, and Ian, played by Dave Franco, play Nerve for fame and money. However, as they continue to play the game, watchers steal their identities and force them to go on dares in order to keep their money.

We wanted to play something that was just as fun, without the danger. In our search, we found an app called Double Dog. You can play for real money and fame, but there’s a system in place to make sure that it remains safe to play. Find out for yourself by downloading it here.

Why the Movie Nerve is Rated PG-13?

The MPAA rated Nerve PG-13 for material involving “dangerous and risky behavior, some sexual content, language, drug content, drinking and nudity – all involving teens.”

The movie, Nerve, begins with peer pressure. Vee, played by Emma Roberts, is pressured into playing an online game of ‘truth of dare, minus the truth’. She engages in the dare app and receives her first dare to kiss a stranger for five seconds. This can be considered dangerous and risky behavior. The trailer also shows brief nudity when Vee and Ian, played by Dave Franco, escape a store in the undergarments.

The trailer also contains potential violence and some sexual content, but the PG-13 rating seems to fair. Based off the trailer, what do you think the rating should have been?

Did Nerve Copy 13 Sins?

Nerve, coming out in July 27th, 2016, stars Dave Franco and Emma Roberts. The premise of the movie is that Ian and Vee play an online game where they receive money for completing dares. The dares increasingly become more challenging and criminal until the two are faced against each other.

Similarly, the movie 13 Sins, which was released in April of 2014, is a remake of a Thai horror comedy film called 13 Beloved. The movie’s main character, Elliot, played by Mark Webber, is a salesman in debt that gets thrown into a game of dares that escalate into troubling challenges that ultimately cause him to break the law.

They both sound thrilling to watch! You can rent 13 Sins on Amazon video and catch the premiere of Nerve on July 27th, 2016. You can also play along on Double Dog. Download it here and start daring your friends for real money today!

How does the Nerve Movie End?

If you’ve read Jeanne Ryan’s book, Nerve, you’d know that the book ends on a crazy cliffhanger. But through the trailer, we can see that the filmmakers may have changed up the plot. The Nerve movie still takes you through the whirlwind journey of Vee and Ian as they complete a series of dares and ultimately face each other as they have their identities stolen, but many people have been speculating about whether or not the ending will match the book.

One Redditor says:

Ending of Nerve Movie

While another Redditor sees a more Hunger Games-esque ending with both characters eating the poison berries. But Redditor /u/Tetzel added another interesting thought:

How does Nerve movie end?

We’ll find out when the Nerve movie featuring Dave Franco (Ian) and Emma Roberts (Vee) comes out on July 27th, 2016! In the meantime, you can play use the Double Dog app to play Nerve in real life. You can challenge your friends and family for real money or points and get video proof of the dares you send. Download the Double Dog app and start daring today!