Did Nerve Copy 13 Sins?

Nerve, coming out in July 27th, 2016, stars Dave Franco and Emma Roberts. The premise of the movie is that Ian and Vee play an online game where they receive money for completing dares. The dares increasingly become more challenging and criminal until the two are faced against each other.

Similarly, the movie 13 Sins, which was released in April of 2014, is a remake of a Thai horror comedy film called 13 Beloved. The movie’s main character, Elliot, played by Mark Webber, is a salesman in debt that gets thrown into a game of dares that escalate into troubling challenges that ultimately cause him to break the law.

They both sound thrilling to watch! You can rent 13 Sins on Amazon video and catch the premiere of Nerve on July 27th, 2016. You can also play along on Double Dog. Download it here and start daring your friends for real money today!